How to get rid of anxiety and know its manifestations

In order to get rid of panic attacks, you must first precisely know what are their manifestations.

According to the commonly accepted definition, panic disorder is diagnosed when a person experiences at least four panic attacks during a period of one month, attacks occurring unpredictably and persisting fear of a relapse.

During one of the attacks – there are at least four of the following symptoms:

– Feeling “short of breath” or feeling of suffocation

– Dizziness – feeling of instability or feeling of fainting-fit

– Palpitations or accelerated heart rate

– Trembling or muscle shaking

– Sweating

– Feeling of strangling

– Nausea or abdominal discomfort

– Depersonalization or derealization

– Feelings of numbness or tingling

– Hot flashes or chills

– Pain or chest discomfort

– Fear of dying

– Fear of going crazy or committing an unchecked act.

If you suffer from this, you probably know how this disease can be debilitating and how it’s difficult dealing with anxiety: it appears as unexpected and repeated panic attacks, followed by fear of further anxiety attacks. It quickly invades your life and affects everything you do.

About 3% of the population is affected at one time or another in his life. In some cases, panic disorder can lead to agoraphobia (fear of public places); sick people then start to avoid public places and increasingly isolate themselves. Finally, 40-80% of people with panic disorder also suffer from depression. There is no shame in being diagnosed with panic disorder. This is only the first step to treat the disease, stop anxiety and control your life.

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