How to stop anxiety during exams

The students are submitted to pressure. Dealing with anxiety is also part of the test.

They must succeed in their exams, they must satisfy their families, they must prove to themselves that they are able to reach their goals, they want to have better results than their friends. If this pressure is reaching a certain level, test anxiety can occur. The chances are then high to fail if they don’t get rid of anxiety before beginning tests.

This kind of anxiety, when it is not too strong, is in general normal. Almost everybody who has taken exams can remember a fear to fail. You seem your head is empty in the worse cases, or you don’t stop rereading or rewriting your notes. But generally, it’s a common anxiety and easy enough to control. But sometimes, it is a sign an anxiety attack that is serious.

What is considered for normal before a test or an exam, it’s having for example, some feeling of malaise, sweaty palms, disquiet to fail. But it’s relatively simple to overcome these manifestations and feelings and to cure anxiety. To reduce this, you can:

– study at a regular pace, along the year, instead of only cramming before the exam,

– train yourself often by practicing tests similar to the real exam,

– breath deeply just before the exam, – increase self-confidence with some affirmations,

– obtain tutoring prior an important exam, which is a good thing to take confidence and control your fears,

– talk clearly to your family and/or your friends about your fears. Follow these advices and you will certainly get rid of anxiety, or diminish its manifestations.

But for some persons, this exam stress is reaching a very high intensity. If it is amplified by heart palpitations, insomnia, very important fears, physical suffering and other symptoms, you may consider having an important anxiety disorder. And it is particularly the case if those signs occur in different situations.

Then, it is better not to neglect these signs. Don’t let them dominate your life and paralyze you. You can know how to overcome anxiety with the best proven anxiety treatment that have already made free numerous persons here:

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