Phobic situations and objects

Phobias of animals

These are the most common phobias especially among women. The most common source of anxiety animals are in order, spiders, insects, mice and snakes; but the phobia of birds, dogs, cats and horses are also frequently encountered.

The phobic stimuli may include fear of the animal’s movement, physical appearance, the noise emission of physical contact with him or one of its parts…

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If the generated trouble is mostly moderate, some discomfort, however, can ensue, including a phobia of pigeons that can hinder urban dwellers wanderings, or phobia of insects that will not push them to go into nature or frequent country homes.

Phobias of natural elements

The main phobic elements are:

– storms and thunder,
– the heights and emptiness,
– water,
– the darkness…


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Women are still over-represented in this category of phobias.

The degree of disability varies from social constraints of the person: for a phobic of heights, it is generally impossible to approach an upstairs window, much less a balcony, but also to hike in mountains or skiing, cross a bridge, to see a close relation approaching a railing…

The fear of the water causes a handicap in terms of leisure: pool and seashores become threatening places.

Blood-related phobias

It is considered that all phobias around the blood (fear of the sight of blood, injections, injuries, medical and surgical interventions, etc) are only a single form of phobia.

The visual stimulus is most often involved, but these patients are often very sensitive to associated odors: Blood or hospital smells… they could fail at the sight of their own blood and for some women, their own menstruation.


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Physiological characteristics

This specific phobia has some physiological characteristics that are clearly different from others: where most phobic stimuli cause tachycardia (rapid heart rate) and very rarely a faint contrary to the fears of some patients, phobias of blood and injections is usually accompanied by bradycardia (low heart rate) and frequently lead to blackout or very loss of consciousness.

The predominance of women is less in this sub-type of phobia.


The resulting disability may prevent access to certain professions: doctors, nurses, police, military…
Some persons may unfortunately discover their phobia during their first steps in the profession… and find themselves forced to change direction.

But the main problem probably lies in the avoidance behavior of blood tests or any form of care or invasive tests, which can lead some patients to seriously neglect their health.

Situational phobias Type

This subtype is heterogeneous and probably includes agoraphobic patients, who fear all kinds of situations (in which they might have a panic attack and where they could not escape easily); and persons whose phobic situations are much more targeted and less extensive: fear of flying, driving a car, getting on a elevator…

Other types of phobias

This subgroup includes in fact all phobias that have not found a place in the previous categories:

– phobia of choking,
– phobia of walking,
– emetophobia or fear of vomiting,
– ereutophobia or fear of blushing …

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Phobia of choking

The phobia of choking is a relatively common form: these phobic persons do not support having to swallow food other than semi-liquid or not by all small long chewed mouthfuls, can not tolerate hard objects in their mouths (toothbrushes and care dental, pills or capsules), can not wear tight collars or turtlenecks…

Phobia of walking

The phobia of walking is common among the elderly with limited means of self-care, which fears the consequences of a fall. The phobia of slide, however, are also existing among the young.

Associations phobias

Recall that a patient can of course have several specific phobias at the same time. It seems that the most frequent association relates to the animal phobias and situational phobias and natural elements, while the blood phobias are rarely associated with phobias of animals and infrequently with situational phobias.

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